Six-year-old girl rescued after posting pics of dead father on Facebook

So awful

January 08 2019

A young girl was rescued from a Tennessee home after posting pictures of her dead father and unconscious stepmother on Facebook messenger.

The six-year-old woke at 8am on Thursday to find the family dog gnawing on her father’s face. She took photos and sent them to her grandmother on social media, according to Detroit Free Press.

It is understood that her father and stepmother had overdosed on drugs, based on evidence found in the family home.

Police heard the young girl screaming as they entered the house. Her stepmother was taken to hospital and police say the little girl’s actions saved her life.

"Her actions, we believe, actually saved a life," said Mount Morris Township Police Chief Terence Green.

“[She] went through a traumatic event and she saved a life... This is tragic. It could've been a lot worse, but it's tragic.

"To think about a six-year-old being in the house alone longer than 24 hours, hasn't eaten, doesn't know what's going on.

"And at some point in time, she witnesses the dog causing damage to her deceased father."

When she woke to find her father and stepmother unconscious, she tried to splash water on their faces to wake them.

When that didn’t work, she took photos of the pair lying on a mattress and sent them to her grandmother, who called 911.

Police believe the girl’s father and stepmother were unconsciousness for at least 24 hours. The girl had not had anything to eat for a day, perhaps longer.

By early Friday afternoon the girl was with her biological mother, Green added.

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