Shopper: Why you should always check your receipt before leaving Aldi. Always.

‘Cannot believe it!’

Contributor, Practical Parenting / February 11 2020

They’re known for having the fastest checkout cashiers in the land, scanning groceries like it’s an Olympic sport. 

But now Aldi shoppers are warning other customers to make sure they check their receipts before leaving the store after spotting a number of accidental ‘double scans’ during their weekly shop. 

Speaking on the awesome Aldi Mums Facebook group, many shoppers have shared their experiences with having the same grocery item scanned twice. 

Said one: ‘Just a heads up to check your docket before you leave the store. I’ve only been shopping Aldi for 2 months however on many occasions on my weekly shop I get home and check the docket only to find they have double charged items in their speedy scan through. 

‘Can’t prove it once I take the items home so I wear the loss. Today I had time to check my docket at the store and yet again three items totalling $14 were scanned twice. So I went back to checkout and got a refund! I just wanted to let you know in case like me you didn’t check the docket in store. It has been a very common occurrence at my Aldi anyway. :/’

Added another: ‘Just wanted to thank the lady who advised everyone to check their receipts before leaving Aldi, in case they had been double charged.

‘I don’t purchase much when i head in but today was the 1st time since that post and I thought hhmm, best check. Low and behold i was charged twice for 2 things 😲 

‘Wasn't much, but that's not the point. Cannot believe it! Thank you again!’


The shopper points out she was charged for the same item ... twice! Image: Aldi Mums/Facebook

The shopper points out she was charged for the same item ... twice! Image: Aldi Mums/Facebook

While all the shoppers agree that the double scans are 100% accidental, it’s hard to prove that you’ve been double charged if you don’t check before you leave the store. 

This happens a lot at my Aldi, maybe every shop? Most of the time they pick up on it and it's immediately voided but a couple of times it's been missed and I've paid twice. I always check in store,’ said one. 

Added another: I purchased 2 single avocados and was charged for 2 net bags of 6!!! You gotta check your dockets!’

Added a third: ‘Got charged $80 for a steering wheel one day... yes it said on docket steering wheel the checkout lady was even shocked and said they don’t sell steering wheels😂 

‘Lucky we checked before we walked out as our shop seemed a lot more expensive then usual 🤦‍♀️

But other shoppers suggest it’s a good habit to get into with all supermarkets - not just Aldi. 

‘It’s not just Aldi! No matter where you shop Always check your docket before you leave. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve had to go back to the counter because of an error.’

Good advice!

Originally published on New Idea Food.

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