Shock news report: Meghan's royal nanny storms out after two weeks

What's really going on?

Writer / May 27 2019

New reports are claiming that while Meghan Markle is enjoying every minute with her new baby, Archie Harrison, she is struggling to let others help her care for him.

According to recent reports in the media, Meghan is so wrapped up in her blissful baby bubble that she won’t let anyone else help out – including a nanny she employed AND her mother, Doria.

“Meghan likes to be in control of everything. She just can’t have anyone be alone with Archie. She’s ignoring help. No-one has looked after him but her,” explained an insider to New Idea, adding that even the hired nannies aren't able to step in and help the new mum. 

"She won't allow them near Archie," reports say.





As well as refusing help from royal nannies, like Maria Borallo who looks after Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte, and reportedly causing one nanny to storm out, the magazine says Meghan is unwilling to let anyone else help her.

"Meghan will only let Doria hold him for a minute, she literally runs in and out of the shower to snap him back up,” explains the magazine.

Grazia Magazine is also reporting that Doria was ‘indispensable’ to the couple, but she has now returned earlier than thought to her home in California. 

Even before Archie's arrival on May 6, 2019 Meghan appeared confident to follow her own path and instincts when it came to her much longed for baby.

And that meant going against certain royal protocols.

Prince William and Kate Middleton followed royal tradition by employing their nanny, trained by a special London college called Norland.

But rather than using one of the famous brown- uniformed, prestigious child- care specialists – who can command a $120,000 salary – Meghan favoured employing an American nanny, and was even considering appointing a man to look after little Archie.


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