Seven reasons why January babies are special

It's official!

January 03 2019

If you’re a January baby, have one or are expecting one, then you’re in luck – according to researchers, people born in January are super special. Here’s why:


1 They are more likely to become sporting legends…
According to one study, there were 33% more January babies than "expected" in the Australian Football League. "If you were born in January, you have almost 12 months' growth ahead of your classmates born late in the year,” explains study co-author Adrian Barnett from Queensland’s University of Technology.

2 …And also more likely to become famous
A study published in the Journal of Social Sciences found a huge number of celebrities are Aquarians, meaning they were born between January 20 and February 18. Famous Aquarians include Alicia Keys, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jordan.

3 They will be an Aquarian or Capricorn
A January baby is either a Capricorn or an Aquarius, two star signs with an abundance of positive traits. Capricorns are traditionally wise, patient, practical and ambitious. Meanwhile, Aquarians are friendly, smart, loyal and kind.

4 More likely to become doctors
UK researchers found that January babies are more likely to be general practitioners than people born at other times of the year.

5 They are creative problem-solvers
A 2015 study revealed that people born in January and February show higher levels of creativity and imaginative problem-solving, according to Time.

6 They may be destined to be a CEO
An analysis of the head honchos at the companies included in the S&P 500 shows that January babies are amongst those leading the pack. The top 5 CEO-producing months are: March (12.53%), April (10.67%), November (10.67%), January (10.13%), and October (9.87%).

7 Their birthstone is garnet
Garnets are believed to symbolise peace, prosperity, and health. January babies who wear the stone can look forward to eternal happiness, health, and wealth.

Best of all, being born in January means you’re typically on holiday and enjoying the sunshine if you live in the southern hemisphere, or snuggling up with loved ones in winter if you’re in the northern hemisphere.

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