There are six types of sleepers in the world, not two!

Which one are you?

July 01 2019

We've forever been led to believe that there are two types of sleepers: morning people and night owls.

However, science reveals that it's not that black and white.

New findings from sleep specialist Arcady Putilov, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, surveyed 1,305 people to observe when they felt at their most 'awake'.

The research also discovered there are 'afternooners' and 'nappers' alongside the morning and night people.

An 'afternooner' is someone who is sleepy in the morning and evening time, but peak during the afternoon.

'Nappers' are most alert when it is the morning and evening time, but have a drop in energy in the afternoon (usually enabling a nap).

So, what are the remaining two types?

'Woodcock' and 'Swifts'...

'Woodcocks' are sleepy all day long, while 'Swift's are the opposite: they're alert all day, with a straight line of tiredness. It differentiates as they don't have peaks and dips of alertness.

So... now that we can identify all six types of sleepers, which do you relate to most?

Let us know!

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