Schoolteacher’s genius hack to make sure kids are washing their hands properly.

Such a clever idea!

Editor / March 09 2020

Primary school teacher, Mrs Woods, has come up with a genius idea to make sure her students are washing their hands.

Children at the best of times can be sloppy when it comes to washing their hands, and with the current Coronavirus threat to our schools and communities, one teacher has a genius hack to make sure our little ones wash their hands properly.


Image: Mrs. Woods 3rd Grade/Facebook

Image: Mrs. Woods 3rd Grade/Facebook


Sharing on Facebook, Mrs Woods says: “We are doing our best in room 550 to keep the germs away. Students got stamps on their hands this morning. If it’s gone by the end of the day from washing their hands, they get a prize 😉 We are trying.”

Mrs Woods user her personalised ‘Mrs Woods” stamp to mark students, the ink naturally washes away when hands are thoroughly cleaned.


Image: Mrs. Woods 3rd Grade/Facebook

Image: Mrs. Woods 3rd Grade/Facebook


Best idea...... So doing that tomorrow ” said one mum.

“Teachers are brilliant ” added another

Whilst some have praised Mrs Woods for her clever thinking, others have slammed her for what they believe is spreading even more germs.



Says one: “Is it tho? Same stamp touching dif hands.. spreading germs 🤦🏻‍♀️.”

Adds a second: It’s under their fingernails that needs the scrubbing the most so they should stamp their fingertips.”

World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend cleaning your hands to protect against infection.

Protect yourself

  • Clean your hands regularly.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water, and dry them thoroughly.
  • Use alcohol-based handrub if you don’t have immediate access to soap and water.

How do I wash my hands properly?

Washing your hands properly takes about as long as singing "Happy Birthday" twice,
using the images below.


Images: WHO

Images: WHO

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