School reminds parents education starts at home

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January 23 2017

A viral letter has sent a strong reminder to parents that education starts at home.

The letter, supposedly sent to parents of children at a Portuguese school, highlights the role of the teacher verse the role of the parent, which many on social media are describing as ‘spot on’.

According to the letter, parents are responsible for teaching their children manners, respect, cleanliness and how to treat others. At school, teachers are in charge of subjects: language, math, geography, and science e.t.c.

“We only reinforce the education that children receive at home from their parents," The letter finishes.

Similarly fed up with parents “passing the buck”, a UK school started grading parents from A to D and say they experienced improvement in their student’s results.

While the Portuguese letter is yet to be verified, it still has people talking. 

“This is so true, parents need to stand up and train their kids before they get to school," one mum wrote on Facebook.

Another added: “Spot on ....this is how I preached and reinforced my belief at home, and today I am very proud to say my only child is not only well educated but a responsible, well-adjusted, honest and caring young man.”

Read the full letter below and tell us what you think in the comments.

“Dear parents

  • We would like to remind you that magic words such as hello, please, you’re welcome, I’m sorry, and thank you, all begin to be learned at home
  • It’s also at home that children learn to be honest, to be on time, diligent, show friends their sympathy, as well as show utmost respect for their elders and all teachers.
  • Home is where they learn to be clean, not talk with their mouths full, and how/where to properly dispose of garbage.
  • Home is also where they learn to be organized, to take good care of their belongings, and that it’s not ok to touch others.
  • Here at school, on the other hand, we teach language, math, history, geography, physics, sciences, and physical education. We only reinforce the education that children receive at home from their parents.”