HEARTBREAKING: Mum of toddler, who died in hot car, explains exactly how the tragedy happened.

Samantha Rowlands reveals what happened when Jone was trapped in a car in 35 degree heat

February 14 2019

The devastated mum of a toddler who died after he became locked in a car in 35 degree heat has revealed exactly how it happened. 

Samantha Rowlands, who has six kids, opened up to the Daily Mail, to reveal how little Jone became trapped in the car when she was out at a football game. 





Jone Radaniva, 22 months, was found unresponsive inside the family's car at Chester Hill, in Sydney's south-west, on February 3. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

'My daughter told me she thought Jone was in bed with my mum, and my mum thought he was out the back playing until my daughter came inside looking for him and they realised he was missing,' an emotional Ms Rowlands explained about the tragic mix-up that led to poor Jone's death. 

Samantha had left her six children in the care of her mother Valerie and her partner while she attended a football game.  

Her mother had taken the kids on an outing and when they got back to the house, she asked Jone's eight-year-old sister to take him out of the car, while her eldest son picked up Jone's twin brother Esala. 

The children ran outside to play with Ms Rowland's partner on a waterslide in the backyard, while Ms Rowland's mother went inside to her bedroom to escape the stifling heat.    

But it's thought Jone didn't leave the car and it was two hours before he was found.

Samantha explained that the entire family have been devastated by the death of 22-month-old and in particular his twin brother and his eight-year-old sister were lost with him. 





'What I would like to say to everyone, is to cherish your children because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed,' she said to the Daily Mail. 

'Always make sure they are all safe - it takes a few seconds to make sure they are all out of the car and are safe. Nothing is more important. Not the groceries, not the phone calls, not your job - it's your child's life.

'My heart is shattered into a million pieces and nothing anyone says or does will take away the pain and heartache I feel after losing my baby boy.'

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