Real-mum road test: Phil & Teds Smart Buggy

Proud mum Natalie tests out the Smart Buggy with her beautiful bub Julian, and the results are in!

November 01 2016

Natalie with 3-month-old baby Julian

Before using the Phil & Teds Smart Buggy, had you heard of the brand?

I definitely heard of the brand but never considered buying a Phil and Ted pram. I did purchase the Phil and Ted pram travel carrier as it was recommended by the shop assistant. I found the product to be easy to use and big enough to fit my pram and other items as well it was easy to travel with and carry with the wheels and long strap.


What were your favourite feature/s about the Smart Buggy?

  • Easy to collapse. I have always wanted a pram that I could fold in one simple motions and quickly pack into the car. When looking for prams for a newborn I only could find prams that had so many pieces and attachments. The Smart Buggy is so light and compact that even my mother can lift to take her grandchild out for the day.


  • The adjustable handle is a great feature my husband loves as he a little taller than me and likes that he can adjust it to suit him.


  • The newborn cocoon as this pram has longevity from now till when my son is older. I love love love that you can have him in the cocoon parent facing and even flip the hood around also very rare to find a pram.


  • Another feature I like is the window as its easy to check on the baby without Velcro or button noises waking up my sleeping son.


Did you think the product is good value for money?

Yes, the Smart Buggy is definitely value for money as I see myself using this pram until Julian is at least 4 years old.  It has many features that are suitable from newborn to toddler.


Was the Smart Buggy easy to use, convenient and comfortable?

It was very comfortable to use as a parent from manoeuvring it at the shops to going for walks. As mentioned previously, it's so convenient to pack up into the car and so compact that I can fit the pram and groceries in the boot of the car together.

Do you like the colour range? What made you choose the cherry?

Yes, the colour range is very simple and stylish. Not knowing what the sex of the baby was and not wanting black or grey, cherry was a great option for a pop of colour but also suitable for a boy and girl.


Describe the Smart Buggy product in three words

  • Compact
  • Easy
  • Smooth


What has been your overall experience with the Smart Buggy?

From when I received the Smart Buggy it has been easy to install, even without my husband help to then easy to use.  I have loved the cocoon; Julian looks so comfortable and content in the cocoon, and I have the ease of mind that I can turn him around so I can see him.

If you’d like to find out more…

about Phil & Teds Smart Buggy, visit their website here.

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