Real-mum road test: Oricom Secure870 video baby monitor

Proud mums Diana and Amber recently trialled Oricom's Secure870 with their precious bubs , and the results are in!

Advertorial Content / August 29 2018

First time mum, Diana and baby Angelo


What is your favourite feature of the Oricom Secure870 Video Baby Monitor?

My favourite feature is the light show and lullabies. It gave a calming effect and the result was a happy little sleeper – no rocking required!


Was the monitor easy to use?

The monitor is user friendly but I'd still recommend reading the manual so you don't miss out on any of the amazing features it has to offer.


Does the Oricom Monitor offer you peace of mind?

Definitely. It saves many trips sneaking a peek in Angelo's room to make sure he's okay! It allows me to listen into his room so I know if he's awake or asleep. And I can also use the video monitor to keep him in sight!


Tell us why you'd buy this product?

I'd buy this product because it has a number of features I think are important while your baby is growing and developing. It offers peace of mind and has saved me time and money, as I haven't had to buy separate devices.

Second time mum, Amber with baby Jordan and Ethan, 2


What is your favourite feature of the Oricom Secure870 Video Monitor?

It would have to be the motorised pan-tilt camera that's operated by touchscreen!


How did you find the sound and picture quality?

I love that the daytime picture is in full colour and very clear, and then when it switches to night vision when the room gets dark and the picture turns black and white, it's still so clear! The sound is clear and precise too.


Did you use the lullabies, white noise and nature sounds as a sleep aid for your child?

Prior to the Oricom Monitor I'd been putting a portable sound-making device by Jordan's crib as a sleep aid. Having the nature sounds connected to the camera now saves me placing the portable one by her crib.


Would you recommend the Secure 870 Monitor to other parents?

I already have! Three of my girlfriends are expecting and I've told them this is the monitor they need to get!

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