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Water Wanderers Kayaking

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Wander on water with family and friends and enjoy your own private kayaking experience. You can tailor the tour to suit the adventure you all seek. All the kayaking gear and experienced instructor is provided for your family and friends tour. They cater for kids and all levels of ability and fitness. To make sure that no one gets left behind, they carry a tow rope to keep you all together. 

These group bookings attract a discount depending on numbers. Odd numbers aren’t a problem because the guide will jump in the spare seat of the double kayak. They pair young children with adults. Paddlers accompanying a child should be wary that they’ll likely be doing more than their fair share of paddling so being fit is a bonus. 

For the littlies’ safety they stick to sheltered waters and they provide Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) for their safety. The river has endless places to explore and we’d love to share their suggestions with you to ensure you have a wonderful water wandering experience.

Prices vary based on selected tour. Location: Corner Fraser Lane and South Perth Esplande, South Perth, Perth, Western Australia, 6151


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