Uniden 4.3” smart baby monitor with smartphone app (BW3101R)

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Aaah, technology! Frees you up to go to the loo, or make a coffee, or answer the phone and be able to watch baby sleep safely without racing back to the nursery to check every 30 seconds! The Uniden BW3101R smart baby monitor is a beauty. The 2-in-1 baby monitor featuring smartphone remote viewing from anywhere, at any time. Yes, you can hang the washing out minus the stress that baby has woken. Or go to work! Or the bar and be able to spy on hubby's parenting skills when you are out! Boasting a 4.3” colour screen, the BW3101R also has camera with an innovative handy clamp that can attach to almost anything. Other features include night vision, lullabies, walkie talkie (2-way talk) and room temperature readings. Clever!