Tupperware Toddler Feeding Set

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And just like that, baby become a toddler! Eating! Walking! Leaving grotty fingerprints all over your cupboard doors! Going to daycare! Let your little one feel like a big kid with their very own toddler feeding set. You'll be ready for daycare, the park, play dates and weekends at the beach. With separated food sections, liquid-tight covers and a fork and spoon set that clicks into the top of the cover, toddler will be ready for crunch and sip in a flash. 

Dimensions: 1 x Covered Container, 400ml, L 22 W 17.5 H 4.5 1 x Fork & Spoon Set, L 16 Care: Dishwasher Safe. Hand wash straw and tumbler Lifetime Guarantee Not suitable for the microwave, oven or freezer


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