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The Happiness Box By Mark Greenwood Illustrated by Andrew McLean

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An inspiring narrative non-fiction picture book by award winners Mark Greenwood and Andrew McLean. In 1942, Sergeant “Griff” Griffin was a prisoner of war. With Christmas approaching, he decided to make a book for the children cooped up in nearby Changi Prison. The book was said to contain the secrets to happiness. But the enemy was suspicious. With this picture book, Mark Greenwood and Andrew McLean bring to life the inspirational true story of a book that became a National Treasure. The Happiness Box survived the war. It toured Australia along with Sir Don Bradman’s cricket bat and Ned Kelly’s helmet as part of the National Treasures exhibition from Australia’s great libraries. The book currently resides in the State Library of NSW. 

Age Range: From 7 years. About: History & the past. Author: Mark Greenwood. Illustrator: Andrew McLean. Available from all leading book stores.