SPOTMYUV™ UV Detection Stickers


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SPOTMYUV™ UV Detection Stickers tell you how much sunscreen you need and when to reapply. They're clear when you're protected and purple when you're not, so you can see your protection all day long. SPOTs™ are waterproof, sweat resistant, hypoallergenic, and last all day.

As you and your family run, swim, sweat, and play, SPOTMYUV™’s patented skin mimicking technology interacts with sunscreen like your skin, giving you a personalized reminder to reapply your sunscreen.

SPOTMYUV™ stickers provide peace of mind for parents and eliminate the sunscreen “fight”. Instead, kids come to you to reapply! SPOT™ stickers raise kids’ awareness of sun safety and make it fun. You have enough to worry about; take sun protection off that list with SPOTMYUV™.

Available in a pack of 4, 16, or 64. Price listed is for the 16-pack.


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