Madeleine West

Six Under Eight: When Parenting Becomes an Extreme Sport by Madeline West

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'My son shoved an unpopped popcorn up his nose . . . what do I do?'

'My daughter was drinking from the dog's bowl with a curly straw . . . is that a problem?'

'There is something in my baby's nappy resembling a creature from the Alien franchise . . . should I be concerned?'

Ahhhh, parenthood. So much joy, so many stains. So many rewards, so many unfinished lattes. So many questions, so many people pretending they have the answers.

Madeleine West is an actor, a writer and sometimes a comedian, but most importantly, she is a mother, and even though she has a perfectly functional television, she has six of the crazed critters to prove it.

Madeleine is no expert, but if she hasn't seen it, wiped it up, medicated it, rushed to the emergency ward with it, raised bail for it, or given birth to it, it isn't worth knowing. In this hilarious, moving, brutally honest tale, Madeleine takes you through the ups and downs of the roller coaster called parenthood.

You will laugh, you may cry, and you might just learn something along the way.

Size: 288 pages. Format: Available in EBook or Paperback.