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Scoubidou: Book of Lanyard and Lacing

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A stylish craft book gets even more stylish!

Scoubidou is plastic cord that is round, hollow and much more co-operative than yesterday's lanyard. This revamped edition of Scoubidou shows beautiful ways to braid, weave and knot the included cord. 

Illustrated instructions guide every step to making keychains, ponytail holders, fancied flip-flops, five different kinds of bracelets, the classic lifeguard lanyard and more. Finish your projects with the included assortment of lanyard clips, key rings and brilliant beads.

This new edition still comes with 36.5 m of cord — enough to make all 12 projects. But the colours have been updated; brightening the orange and pink, and setting them off with girl-approved, stylish black scoubi. The whole package has been converted to the stackable, wrap-able boxy packsing and topped with a fresh mew cover.

Turns out you can improve on perfection...

Suitable for Ages 8 - 12


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