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Pregnancy Do's and Dont's

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For when you need the facts--not fear--about what food, drinks, activities, and procedures you should avoid during each month of your pregnancy.
Over the years, Dr. Elisabeth Aron has soothed the worries of many soon-to-be moms who have come to her with questions such as:
Can I exercise during my first trimester? Is canned tuna safe to eat throughout my pregnancy? Do self-tanners contain chemicals I should be worried about? I have to fly for work during my second trimester. Is this safe?
Is cookie-dough ice cream safe to eat? Can I wear an underwire bra during my pregnancy?
I'm six months pregnant. Is it alright for me to have a glycolic peel facial? Are peanuts safe to eat or will my baby develop a peanut allergy if I eat too many? There is a lot of chlorine in my health club's pool. Is that a good or bad thing?
"Pregnancy Do's and Don'ts" includes hundreds of entries on possible concerns--from apple cider to zinc and everything in between. In each entry, Dr. Aron identifies the item, the possible cause for concern, and explains the bottom line--whether it is something a woman should avoid completely, something to take a better-safe-than-sorry approach toward, or something that is perfectly fine.


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