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Swaddle Up Hip Harness Swaddle

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Love to Dream, a leader in infant and toddler sleep solutions, has helped many families get a few extra zzzs. And now, the company has released its latest innovation, the new Love to Dream Swaddle UP™ Hip Harness Swaddle. Approved as HipWise by Healthy Hips Australia the swaddle has been specially designed for babies being treated with hip dysplasia and features the brands signature ARMS UP™ design with a wider fit at the bottom to work with a Pavlik Harness, Denis Browne Bar (DDB) or Rhino Brace. 


Suitable for babies at the swaddling stage (stage 1), the swaddles let them sleep in a more natural position, while the design and fabric allows for flexible movement and a secure fit to help calm their startle reflex and self-soothe.