JOHNSON'S Nursing Pads Ultraform 24 Pack

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There’s no use crying over spilt milk, but when you’re hormones are adjusting at hyperspeed and your boobs are leaky, you may just get a little teary. These clever and super comfy nursing pads will make sure passers-by are none the wiser (what happens behind closed bras, stays behind closed bras!). Designed for confident protection and complete discretion, here’s a few bonuses packed into them.

•Breathable Protective Cover—Keeps clothes dry while enabling airflow to skin

•Super Absorbent Core—Special polymer pulls and locks moisture away from skin for longer-lasting dryness

•Cushiony-Soft Lining—Offers softness and comfort

•Contoured Shape—Enables a secure, comfortable fit, and affords discretion

•Unique Nipple Indentation—Provides soft, soothing comfort

•Non-Slip Adhesive Strip—Secures the pad in place for confident protection, day or night

•Silent, rustle-free design—Quiet under clothing for more discretion

•Disposable Pads—Allow for convenient, on-the-go usage

Available in: 24 Count


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