InfaSecure Ranger 0-4 Convertible Car Seat

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The InfaSecure Ranger 0-4 Convertible Car Seat features the newly designed small footprint base. Designed to make installation easier by giving better access to the vehicle seatbelt buckle, it’s fantastic for situations where you have three restraints across the back seat.. Featuring  Type A2 restraint, meaning it is suitable for rearward facing and integrated with unique anti-rebound design, means you don’t have to deal with any extra steps involving pull-up rebound bars, or worry about hard plastic objects becoming hazards in the event of an accident. 

Product Features:

  • Rearward facing to large 12 month old (average 30 months old)
  • Forward facing with internal harness to large 4 year old (average 6 year old)
  • Air cocoon technology intergrated
  • Super compact design
  • Easy to use single seat belt path installation
  • Easy to use harness adjuster
  • 10 recline positions (1 rearward facing / 9 forward facing)
  • 5 shoulder slot heights
  • Built in anti-rebound design
  • Blow moulded shell acts like an airbag in an accident 
  • Press studded cover design for easy cleaning 
  • New design comfy pad
  • Super strong blow moulded shell