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How To Get Your Mojo Back by Dr Ginni Mansberg

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How to Get your Mojo Back is every woman's guide to taking a minute for herself and turning her hectic and stressful life into one that is fulfilling. Hoo-bloody-ray! We’re all too busy to stop! But no life is free from stress, weight problems, relationship worries… so you aint alone, gal! But you can break the cycle, get your mojo back and begin to enjoy life again. Written in an intimate, informal, and hugely entertaining style by Practical Parenting Expert/Medical advisor/GP/Author Dr Ginni Mansberg - who has seen and dealt with it all - this book is like having a friend with all the best advice to coach you through your mission to claim your potential and live the life you deserve. 

Covering all the key problem areas, work, eating/weight, sleep, relationship, parenting issues, stress and more, this book offers practical, encouraging solutions in an intimate, informal, and entertaining style. 


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