Hot Lunch Set

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OK this might be the most exxy lunchbox set you've ever forked out for (pun intended!), but imagine all the lunch orders you'll save on?! Yes, this hot lunch set does what the name suggests - it keeps lunches hot, which is a heart and tummy warming treat for the kids during those freezing winter months, and it means you can serve up last night's dinner for lunch. Save time! Save money! Save the bread! And of course, being Tupperware, it comes with a lifetime guranatee. So your kid's kid's kid's can enjoy hot lunches too. Awwww. 

Dimensions: 1 x CrystalWave Bowl 1L L 23.8 W15.6 H5.8 (CrystalWave Bowl can resist temperatures of up to 120°C). 1 x Handy Bowls 450ml L 12.8 H 6.7 1 x Eco Bottle 750ml D 8 H 24.4 2 x Snack On The Go 160ml L 10.6 W9.2 H3.6