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Head First, Health Fast by Leanne Hall

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The smart approach to outwitting body issues and achieving sustainable health.

Come off the dieting hamster wheel and take a psychologically savvy approach to body image, nutrition, weight loss and wellness.

In Head First, Health Fast, psychologist Leanne Hall uses her extensive experience assessing weight, body–image, eating, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as her expertise as a nutrition coach and personal trainer to take you on a journey through your own psychology when it comes to health, your personal relationship to food and your approach to exercise. In part one she will show you how to analyse your approach to food and body image. In part two she will offer a practical program for achieving your goals

Head First, Health Fast is a holistic alternative to traditional restrictive one–size–fits–all weight loss programs that will empower you to sustain long–term weight–loss, health and fitness.


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