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SNOO Smart Sleeper

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Created by America’s most-read pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp, SNOO Smart Sleeper is a responsive bassinet that boosts sleep by imitating the environment that babies loved in the womb. SNOO “hears” your baby’s cries and responds with increasing levels of white noise and gentle, jiggly motion to quickly soothe crying and increase sleep. SNOO is the safest, most efficient baby bed because it comes with a special swaddle that secures babies on the back and prevents risky rolling. SNOO’s rhythmic sounds and motion naturally sleep train babies. And when babies sleep, everyone sleeps!

*Price is USD $1160. Product Specs · Bassinet size: 76.2 cm L × 40.6 cm W × 81.3 cm H (with legs) · Weight: 17.2 kg · Advanced audio processing distinguishes cries from surrounding sounds · 3-specially engineered white-noise sounds calm crying and enhance sleep · Custom motor optimised for quiet and reliability · Breathable mesh walls for optimal air flow · Bassinet's broad, stable base reduces tipping · Safety cable holder reduces accidental tripping