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My Storee by Paul Russell

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Paul Russell is a children’s book author and a primary school teacher. He also has dyslexia. His new book, My Storee, is inspired by his experiences as a student (and the one teacher who believed in him). It encourages kids to explore their creativity without being held hostage by the difficulties spelling presents for people with dyslexia.

In My Storee a young boy has a mind full of wonderful stories but when he writes them down, day after day, they come back covered in red pen after his teachers have corrected his spelling. It seems his dyslexia will always hold him back from sharing his creativity the way he longs to. Then a new teacher arrives at the school. Mr Watson tells magical stories and draws wonderful pictures. He makes his students feel safe. He inspires them to be themselves. He doesn’t cover the boy’s stories in red pen — and with this newfound acceptance the boy finally feels comfortable to just write! My Storee is a story of hope and acceptance into a world of literature that can too often seem impossible or difficult for dyslexic children to enter because of the rules that surround it. It highlights the magic and importance of ‘story’, the ideas and the creativity behind literature that are too often taught out of children through an over-emphasis on teaching them rules, structure and spelling. It is an engaging and creatively designed picture book that provides inspiration and support for reluctant writers and dyslexics, and shows the importance and power of good teachers. It is also the story of Paul Russell, the author, who as a dyslexic boy was inspired to become the writer and teacher he is today because of one teacher who believed in him.

Available from ekbooks.org and wherever great children's books are sold. Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm | Colour | 32 Pages