DermaScar® Plus E

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With DermaScar® Plus E, those stretch marks (and post surgery c-section scar) won’t stand a chance … 

Recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons(1), DermaScar® with added antioxidant Vitamin E (10%), added moisturising properties(2) and anti-inflammatory effects(3), visibly improves the appearance of scars in  4 weeks(4), speeds cellular regeneration(5), reduces itching and lightens, softens, flattens scars.(6)

DermaScar® Plus E provides best results on scars not older than two years and can also be used on: 

• Body surgery: C-section, thyroidectomy, cardiac surgery, etc.

• Facial surgery: eyelid surgery, etc.

• Stretch marks(7)

• Minor scratches and insect bites

• Deep cuts

• Mild burns

How to use: Rub DermaScar® onto the stretch marks on your belly or boobs (or wherever they appear) or on your c-section scar 10-14 days post surgery (when the wound has healed) twice a day for best results.

The range includes: DermaScar® Classic, DermaScar®  Platinum C&E, DermaScar® Plus E and DermaScar® Ultra C. All DermaScar® gels help to relieve the itching, pain and associated discomfort with scars.(6) Visit to find a product specific to your skin needs, plus instructions on how to use.


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Available: DermaScar® range is available online and instore from: Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Pharmacy 4 Less, Good Price and other leading pharmacies. ***If pregnant consult your healthcare professional before using. Always read the label. Follow the instructions for use. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.