Novalac Diarrhoea

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Novalac Diarrhoea has been designed to rapidly replace fluid and electrolytes in babies with diarrhoea.

Novalac Diarrhoea contains a high concentration of valuable electrolytes like sodium and potassium to quickly and effectively rehydrate babies. Reduced lactose and increased casein help to slow down movement through the digestive system, helping your baby absorb more nutrients and fluid from each feed.

Novalac Diarrhoea is not for long-term use (up to 5 days). Once your baby’s diarrhoea has resolved, use a follow on formula such as Novalac Gold.

  • High in electrolytes for rapid rehydration
  •  Increases nutrient and fluid absorption
  •  Improves stool consistency
  •  Pleasant banana and apple flavour


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