Baby Shower Surprise

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A baby shower is a lovely tradition, as friends and family come together to help a mum-to-be celebrate the excitement of bringing a new baby into the world. With a Marquise Baby Shower Surprise Gift in your hand, you’ll have a thoughtful and practical gift that’s sure to delight. Elegantly simple designs in white capture the innocent delight of babyhood while the high quality cotton fabric reassures that this newborn will have the safest and softest start to life. Enchantingly wrapped in a gift box with a personalised gift tag, your Baby Shower Surprise takes care of everything – all you have to do now is show up and have some fun.  The Marquise Baby Shower Surprise Gift contains a selection of essentials for baby, including: • 2 singlets • 1 print studsuit • 1 beanie • 1 bodysuit

Suitable for Newborn


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