ABC123 Symphony Motion Gym

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The ABC 123 Gym is perfect for your newborn through to toddler, with colours, shapes, sounds and movement, the ABC play gym provides all the important simulation that your developing baby needs!

The colourful round play mat features arches that gently sway above baby, bringing the toys to life. The inviting gentle motion of the bars inspires your baby to reach and grasp, improving hand-eye coordination and visual tracking. 

The ABC gym also offers upbeat music and has fun and educational shapes and characters hanging from the arches. When baby gets a little older the ABC gym is perfect for tummy time play and self-discovery. 

Each section of the Gym includes numbers with corresponding alphabetical animal friends, perfect for playing with your baby and introducing the early concepts of literacy and numeracy.

The Lamaze ABC 123 is a unique Play gym including everything you need to support your baby’s healthy early development.

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