The secret message about Princess Charlotte hidden in this royal photograph!

What's really going behind the scenes here!

November 14 2018

It's the royal photograph everyone is talking about - the official portrait to celebrate Prince Charles 70th birthday - but body language experts have revealed what the picture really says about the royal family - and their interactions!

1. Prince Louis is an easy baby!

Body language expert Judi James told FEMAIL, 'Kate's confidence and family status signals do seem to have increased since Meghan arrived and Louis was born. 

'Louis shows all the signs of being a very happy and possibly 'easy' baby and Kate tends to beam with pride as she holds him aloft without any of the common anxiety signals that a first or second time mum can exhibit.'





2. George is shy but has a real mischievous side to him!

Judi adds that George is a typical little boy with a sometimes naughty side but he is also ver shy. 'George is much more like his own father was as a child,' says Judi. 'Blending signals of what can look like shyness with typically fun and naughty behaviours.'

'He looks keen to escape his granddad's knee here but overall Kate's calm and proud-looking smile and William's focus on the camera suggests both their older children are lively but ultimately well-behaved.'





3. Charlotte is definitely the boss!

The little three-year-old is definitely in charge of the family, with her steely determined stare and the way she sits so comfortably and is determined to be on her own. Not on anyone's lap!

Body language expert, Jessica Smith says, 'Charlotte is in charge of her siblings. No doubt. Her brother may have a more dominant position in their photo but he is on his Grandfather's lap where she has her own space and looks very territorial about it too. Don't mess with Miss Charlotte!'

'She also has more rom on the bench than anyone else. Camilla is squashed next to Charles while she has a big gap between her and the arm rest!'


4. Harry and Meghan can't wait to have their own children

According to both body language experts when this photo was taken the pair both new that they were pregnant, although the news hadn't been announced. The couple are expecting their first child in April 2019. 

'These two show they're still in the flirty stage of their marriage, with Harry's hand placed quietly on his wife's upper hip,' Judi notes. 

'There's something a little smug-looking about his closed-mouth smile and piercing, fun gaze though which could hint that they were busting to share some good news at this point.

Meghan, meanwhile, seems to be giving unconscious signals that she already knows she is pregnant.

Judi says: 'While Harry looks like the most relaxed royal here, Meghan begins by adopting a super-elegant regal pose with one hand placed across her stomach in what could have been another hint at her existing or impending pregnancy. 

'When she leans forward laughing she pulls away from Harry to share the moment with the royal children in the front row, hinting where her key focus was at that point.'