Pram gets caught in train doors and baby travels on WITHOUT mum

Imagine the horror...

May 07 2019

A mother rushing to board a train was forced to let go of her baby's pram when the doors closed on her arms and the train pulled away - leaving the baby to go for a ride and the distraught woman watching from the platform.

Commuters witnessed the ordeal at Melbourne's Southern Cross Station last Friday afternoon during peak hour.

The mother was running to get on the train and managed to get the pram on board before the doors closed on her arms.



Melbourne's Southern Cross Station.

Melbourne's Southern Cross Station.


She was forced to let the pram go - and watch in despair as the train departed the platform.

Passengers on the train managed to alert the driver via the emergency intercom.

But with half of the carriages already past the platform, the driver was reluctant to open any doors due to safety concerns.

The train carried on to the next station, Flagstaff, leaving the mother behind at Southern Cross.

Metro staff accompanied the mother to Flagstaff on the next train, where staff were waiting for her to collect her baby.



Stock shot/Getty

Stock shot/Getty


Metro Trains GM of Safety and Security Anthony Fewster told the incident was "frightening".

"This was a frightening ordeal for the mother and child involved, with Metro employees acting quickly to reunite them as soon as possible.

"The safety of our passengers and employees is always the number one priority."

The public transport operators say rushing to board a departing train isn't worth the accompanying risk.


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