Perth principal claims shocking 'skipping rope hanging' of schoolgirl NEVER happened

But the girls mother, Belinda Yoon, is not happy with his explanation

June 13 2019

The principal of a school where a girl was allegedly hung from a tree by a skipping rope has told parents the incident did not happen.

Belinda Yoon's daughter Amber, 10, was allegedly targeted by other children at Queen of Apostles School in Riverton, Perth in August 2018. 

Amber suffers from a condition called Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula and Oesophageal Atresia (TOF-OA) meaning she was born with her oesophagus connected to her trachea. As a result she has undergone surgeries, is extremely susceptible to choking and can only hear from one ear.

Her mum claims Amber was bullied in the playground and a noose was made from a skipping rope and she was hung by her neck from a tree.


Belinda and Amber Yoon

Belinda and Amber Yoon


But Principal Shaun O'Neill wrote to parents to say that after investigations, the incident never happened.

He said he had been unable to provide information on the situation earlier due to a police investigation and then legal proceedings between the families involved when Belinda was handed a restraining order by the parents of the child accused of bullying Amber

Those proceedings have recently been withdrawn.

'I am now able to inform you that the information available to the school indicates that the alleged incident did not occur,' he wrote.

'While the alleged incident was not witnessed, a teacher's assistant, who was nearby and supervising, observed a skipping rope with a noose around a student's neck, she immediately ran to her and gently took the skipping rope off.

'There was no obvious injury to the student and neither she nor any of the other students spoken to on that day suggested that she had been hung from the tree by another student.'


Sean O'Neill, Principal

Sean O'Neill, Principal

But Belinda told WA Today that she was still planning to sue the school over a lack of care for her daughter.

She said she wanted to make a stand against bullying to show her daughter what was right.

"I am the only one showing her that what happened to her is wrong," Ms Yoon said.

"Everything in (the principal's) letter is a lie."

Earlier this month Belinda wrote on Facebook that the pain of the incident had not gone away.

"Life goes on, but it’s never the same," she wrote.




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