Mum lets son ride on roof rack, claims he’s “done it before”

Wait, what?

January 06 2019

A Perth mum is in hot water after footage appeared of her young son riding on the roof racks of a car for more than 15 minutes.

Several witnesses told 9News that they saw the child sitting on the top of the Holden Captiva wearing only a nappy, around 6pm on Friday.

At one point the car was travelling along a busy motorway where the speed limit is 100km per hour.

Eventually the mother pulled over when other motorists beeped her and flashed their lights at her continuously.

She claimed she was unaware that her son was on top of the car, however comments on social media from people indicate otherwise.

“Bystanders have waved the mother down previously… her comment is that ‘he likes it’,” one said.

“She knew he was up there as they've done it plenty of times and been caught before,” added another.

After stopping the car, the woman placed the child inside and drove away. There were two other children in the car in child restraint seats.

If found guilty, the woman faces between seven and 20 years in jail for reckless endangerment.