Furious parents slam school for making 'naughty' kids watch 'good' kids have a party without them

Families have lashed out after their kids had to watch the others have fun while they sat in silence...

August 12 2018

Furious parents have slammed a school after 'naughty' children were forced to sit and watch better-behaved pupils enjoy a 'fun day' first.

The families of Year 6 students at Arden Primary School in Manchester, UK each paid £17 for their kids to enjoy a day of fun on inflatables with ice cream afterwards to celebrate their last ever week at the school.

Credit: Google

Credit: Google

However, only the most well-behaved pupils, who had been given a special ‘Always Badge’ were allowed outside on the inflatables first, while other kids had to stay inside for two hours.

Parents whose children were kept inside say it was unfair to punish them in their final week when they’d already been disciplined for any misbehaviour during the year.

Principal, Nicola Haddock, said she believed the school’s decision to let children with good behaviour play on the equipment first was correct but she said all children had at least two-and-a-half hours enjoying the inflatables.

She added that the well-behaved youngsters were celebrated for their behaviour, but ‘not at the cost of other children’.

However, parent Kerry McCarthy wrote on Facebook, ‘How wrong is this? Everyone paid the same amount, to do the same fun day. How very wrong is it to punish a child on a fun day when they have already been punished beforehand? Even prisons don't punish you twice....’

 What do you think? Should the ‘naughty’ kids have had to sit out and watch their classmates play? 


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