Parents outraged as thousands of students skip school for climate strike

Hundreds of thousands marched in cities all over the country.

September 20 2019


Whilst there has been a huge amount of support for the Global Climate strike, there are parents who are absolutely outraged that their children have seemingly been allowed to skip school to attend marches.

Thousands of students supported the School Strike for Climate call for “actions not words”.


Melbourne supporters today.

Melbourne supporters today.


Students signed up for updates on where and when marches were to be held across major cities and public spaces throughout the country.

Whilst no one can dispute their motives, Australia is fast becoming more aware for the need to change, the main problem that parents seemed to have was the event being held on a school day.


Student protesters in Melbourne today.

Student protesters in Melbourne today.


“Waste of time, should be about what the government is doing to this country not this crap”, commented one parent.

“The kids wouldn't have a clue anyway, bandwagonners”, said another.

“What a load of sh*t, both my kids wagged school and I hope they get in trouble on Monday, leave the kids out of it!”, a concerned mother posted.

“Why do they all plant a tree and actually DO SOMETHING?”, posted another.



There was also overwhelming positive feedback for the march, but a huge concern that students were missing a day of school to show their support.

“I felt like such a boring Mum for not letting the kids march, they are both in High School about to do their final exams, a Saturday would have been a better day no?”, questioned one Mum.

Teachers who did not take the day off school wore green to show their support for the climate change movement. The NSW teachers federation website encouraged teachers who were not scheduled to work today to attend. Teachers who who could not attend were encouraged to wear items of green clothing.