Parents Create Five-Metre Bed To Co-Sleep With Their Four Kids

The case for having everyone in the one bed. What do you think?

November 10 2016

Kim says it makes her job as a parent easier having everyone in the same room.


"Whether they have a bad dream or want a drink of water, I will be there for them during the night just like I am during the day.


"Before the big bed was created I spent my nights bed running about from room to room trying to get all the children to sleep."


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#6abs4kids #30dayyogabody #kimconstable #kimconstableyoga #fitspo #fitsporation #fitnessmom

As for when they find time for intimacy, Kim adds that it's very common for her and her husband to sleep in the spare room. 


"I always say that if it is important enough to you then you will find time to do it and if it isn't then you will find an excuse," says Kim.


"Ryan and I often sleep together in the spare room, at least for part of the night, before someone will end up in the middle of us or I will go and get into the big bed. And we are very honest with the children and will just say mummy and daddy are going for 'a snuggle' now and we will be in with you in a while.


"We do make time for each other and once a week we will go out for dinner or meet each other for lunch so we can catch up with each other."