OUTRAGE as restaurant bans strollers, high chairs AND crying kids!

The Old Fisherman's Grotto is under fire for its policy on children...

February 20 2019

A restaurant has angered parents by banning strollers, high chairs, booster seats - AND children who make loud noises OR cry.

Taking to the review website Yelp, one outraged dad took aim at the The Old Fisherman’s Grotto restaurant in Monterey, ‘If they’re loud, they will be asked to leave’ policy - slamming them for alienating parents with young children. 

The restaurant's website says, 'We adopted our children’s policy in 2011 to provide an overall enhanced dining experience for guests who frequently dine at the restaurant, by giving them an alternative place to eat on Fisherman’s Wharf that has a quiet atmosphere.

At Old Fisherman’s Grotto, we strive to give all of our guests the best dining experience possible and our policy relating to children was put in place to enhance the experience of all our diners with and without children.  We welcome families with children and we serve many every day, we only ask that they abide by our rules.'



‘I’ve been to that restaurant and I couldn’t believe it when I read that sign,’ says another Yelp user. ‘It’s so confrontational and rude. How are you supposed to have a nice meal when you’re spending the whole time worrying about getting kicked out because the kids make a noise?’

But the restaurant’s owner, Chris Shake, has defended their policy - saying that the restaurant, located in the Californian town of Monterey, is known for its quiet atmosphere and the do not wants kids throwing tantrums.

We have many families who dine with us with their children who are well behaved and understand our policy with respect to other diners,’ he told KTVU. 




He goes on to claim that many of the people who've complained are not unhappy about the policy - but about the sign.

However says he’s not about to change things anytime soon.

The drama has divided the internet with many saying they would never eat at a restaurant with such anti-children rules.

Says one local mum: ‘Whoa. I’ve never seen this before. I’m canceling my reservation at the restaurant after seeing this picture on Yelp.’

Added another: ‘That’s one restaurant I WON’T be going to. So rude!’

However others like the restaurant’s stay-quiet-or-get-out kids policy, saying that a pram-free, calm atmosphere sounds kind of perfect for dinner.


One fan of the new policy said,  ‘I really don't understand why you parents don't just take your kids to McDonald's or Chuck-E-Cheese where they could scream all they want.’

Added another: ‘People without kids have the same rights as people with noisy kids and we deserve to eat in peace. We’re paying good money, we don’t want to listen to some kid having a tantrum.’

What do you think of this policy?


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