Wow! Your old Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit baby bowl sets could be worth a FORTUNE.

Do you still have yours?

March 11 2019

Back when we were little, it seemed that every kid had been given a Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit baby bowl when they were a newborn baby - it was the perfect keepsake to treasure through the years. 

There were plates, glasses, mugs, dishes and bowls all available to buy from the pottery company, Wedgewood.

And the collections found their way into many Aussie homes and have been passed down through the generations.

But did you know that your Peter Rabbit ceramic collection could be worth a fortune?

Experts and valuers reveal that Beatrix Potter Wedgewood pieces have become highly collectable - with certain ranges making good money.



According to New Idea Food, experts say the ‘Birthday Wish’ plates are in very high demand - going for hundreds of dollars, with many wanting the dish from the year they were born. 

The 3-piece collector set - with plate, bowl and cup - is also highly sought after, while anything from the year 1982 is particularly valuable. The Wedgewood Peter Rabbit teapot is also very popular with collectors.

Peter Rabbit china from the 1960s - especially if it’s still in its original packaging - is also a big money-spinner, say collectors. The SilverPlate Coin Bank is also high on the collectors must-have list. 



Additionally, the series showing Mrs Rabbit putting Peter Rabbit to bed - with the words: "Peter was not very well during the evening. His mother put him to bed and made some camomile tea. One tablespoon to be taken at bedtime." - is also believed to be valuable.

Expert Dean Six says ‘collecting is often what you remember’ - and given that the Beatrix Potter Wedgewood range brings back childhood memories for many, it has a high re-sale value. 



Experts say single items on eBay and Etsy can earn up to $100 each - but whole collections, especially when in mint condition with no cracks or chips can earn substantially more than that. 

Quick, start going through those boxes in the garage NOW!




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