Breaking: NSW and VIC pushing ahead with lockdown amid coronavirus fears

Schools to close

March 22 2020

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian will enforce a “comprehensive shutdown” of “non-essential services” across the state.

She will inform a meeting of National Cabinet on Sunday night that NSW will close certain services.

Those closures will take place over the course of the next 48 hours.

Berejiklian did not elaborate on which services would be suspended - but did list several that would not be impacted.

“Supermarkets, petrol stations, pharmacies, convenience stores, freight and logistics and home delivery will be among the many services that will remain open,” she said in a statement.

“Schools will be open tomorrow, though I will have more to say on this issue in the morning.”

It follows news that Victoria will close schools from Tuesday.

The last day of class ahead of the Easter break was due to be Thursday.

NSW reported a further 97 cases of coronavirus on Sunday afternoon - bringing the state total to a nationwide high of 533.

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