'Not worth the money': Mum's Hatchimal review goes viral

She revealed how long her 7-year-old daughter actually played with it.

November 24 2016

A Hatchimal is an interactive toy that starts life in a spotted egg, and as your child plays with the egg the hatching process begins. Once hatched, children need to help it through three stages of growth from baby to kid.


Many parents have vented their frustration at the sold-out toy, valued at $70, which is now being listed on ebay for prices ranging between $100 and $200.



Myerscough continues her review saying the best part about the Hatchimal was watching it hatch, but “then we had to break it out as it wasn't working!”


“It grew up from a baby to fully grown in a few hours, it doesn't talk it just records the child's voice and plays it back, has a few games that are boring and once played they don't want to play again.


“All you can do is feed it by tilting it forward, stroke it when it gets cold and pat its head if it's scared.”


She finished saying the hatching process takes around 20 minutes to an hour, so make sure your “children are ready to sit with it and help it hatch.”


"Overall not worth the money."


Since posting, her review has been shared over 63,000 times with many thanking the mum for her honest point of view.


Another mum said she had a similar experience with the toy. “My little girl turned hers off after 2 days, she wrote. “She said she was very annoyed by the noises it made and it was boring.”


Despite the bad review, some said they didn’t care and were going to buy one anyway.


What do you think? Have you managed to get your hands on a Hatchimal and was it worth the money?