No flour? No wraps? No worries! 15 second wrap recipe that’s gone viral


Editor / March 22 2020

With bread in higher demand amid coronavirus panic buying, supermarkets have been forced to limit the amount shoppers can buy.

Woolworths announced tougher shopping restrictions today, adding the bakery category to their 2 per customer list.

Shoppers are now forced to decide between purchasing bread, cakes, wraps, cookies etc as they are only able to purchase 2 items from the category.

With supplies of flour also in high demand shoppers have commented that they have been unable to purchase the household staple for weeks now.

If you are looking for a quick, no flour, make at home wrap, we have just the thing!



Posting on iSave A to Z has shared the easiest make at home wrap, and you can make it at home in just a few steps.

All you will need is:

*2 slices of cheese

*1 slice of parchment paper (baking paper)

*Rolling pin (optional)




1. Start by folding the sheet of baking paper in half.

2. Open the folded sheet of baking paper and place a single slice of cheese in the center.

3. Fold the second slice of cheese into 4 different equal size strips of cheese.

4. Place the small strips of cheese around the first slice of cheese on the baking paper.

5. Microwave it for exactly 15 seconds.

6. Remove it from the microwave. While the baking paper is still folded in half, use a rolling pin to spread out the cheese into a thin circle wrap.   You don’t need a rolling pin, you can smooth it out with the palm of your hands too.  The cheese will be warm and not too hot. If you microwave this for more time, it will crisp the cheese. You want the cheese just warm enough to mold it together into the shape of a tortilla wrap.

7. If you want to use the wrap immediately, you will need to cool it in the freezer for a couple minutes. It must be cooled down before you use it. When it’s cooled, it will keep its shape. 



You can make various different flavours depending on what cheese slice you use!


Store your wraps in between baking paper and store in the fridge.


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