Newborn Helps Dad With Heartwarming Marriage Proposal

He's the perfect wingman

January 23 2017

Speaking to ABC News, Mead said: "I didn't want to do it just because of my son. I wanted to do it because it felt good in my heart."


Mead, 26, met his wife Susan Medina, 20, on the social network and hit it off straight away.


The doting dad had planned to propose the day his son was born, but after a long labour he postponed his plans.


"She was in labour for over 17 hours and she pushed for two-and-a-half hours," Mead said. "Three epidurals later and ... Ryder was born via emergency C-section."


Medina said she had no idea what her hubby-to-be was up to.


"I don't even remember what exactly I was feeling. I just know that I started crying out of nowhere," Medina told ABC News. "I did not expect that to happen."


"I was even waiting for him to say, 'Oh just kidding,'" she added. "I’m pretty sure I asked him, 'Are you sure?'"