New internet craze! Do you think these trainers are pink and white or blue and grey?

Everyone's talking about it!

May 06 2019

What colour do you think these shoes are?

Seems like a pretty simple question, right? But not for the internet...

The answer is actually baffling thousands of people around the world.

Why? Well, some see them as pink and white, while others think the sneakers are grey and green.

The whole debate rages on social media as people post one simple photo of this trainer and ask what colour their followers think it is.



Since being shared by Thoughts For Life (above) on Facebook on May 2, the post has received more than 259,000.

“This is crazy! These shoes are clearly green and grey. My husband sees pink and white,” one confused person declared.

“Pink and white. Can’t imagine anyone seeing green,” another wrote.

"Clearly green. How do you see anything vaguely like pink?," said another.

“My eyeballs are ready to fall out my head from staring so hard trying to figure out how anyone could see pink and white here. It’s so clearly grey and vibrant mint coloured green. This is crazy,” one said.

Some even said the shoes appeared to change colour, the more you looked at them.

“First glance I saw pink and white, scrolled down to read comments and went back to the top. The shoe is now teal and grey! What is this sorcery?”



It seems that every few years, one of these colour crazes hits the internet. Remember the dress that was either white and gold or blue and black?




Well, this is the same thing. And apparently, according to social media it all depends on whether you are left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant. Right-brained people tend to see a pink runner while left-brained people see green. 

What do you see? What do your family see?