BREAKING: Nancy Beaumont, mother of the Beaumont children, has passed away

A heartbreaking new turning point in a 53 year old tragedy

September 20 2019

WATCH: Special Investigation into Beaumont Children disappearance


The disappearance remains one of Australia’s most traumatic unresolved mysteries, with the unprecedented cruelty of the event, and the unexplained fate of the children, continuing to leave deep scars on the psyche of Adelaide and the nation.

The children’s dad, Jim, who is also in his 90s, is still alive and police have continued to keep him updated on the string of alleged breakthroughs that have emerged over the years, only for all of them to come to nothing.

No evidence of the children or their possessions has ever been found, despite multiple leads and a number of digs for their remains.

Detectives from South Australia’s Major Crime squad say they remain committed to solving the case, despite the possibility that whoever took the kids may no longer be alive.


Jim and Nancy after the children's disappearance

Jim and Nancy after the children's disappearance


While Jane, 9, Arnna, 7, and Grant, 4, were reported to be seen in the company of a man the day they disappeared, he has never been identified. 

Last year there was a dig at New Castalloy factory in the Adelaide suburb of North Plympton amid renewed allegations the children were buried there after being murdered, following their fateful visit to Glenelg.

An investigation involving ground-penetrating radar has discovered an area of disturbed ground but after a dig, only animal bones were found. Police have previously dug at the site following allegations contained in the book The Satin Man, which claimed a deceased Adelaide businessman was involved in the deaths of the children.


Arna, Grant and Jane

Arna, Grant and Jane


Author Alan Whiticker said the man’s son has accused him of the killings. Two witnesses claimed they were required to dig a large hole at the site at the behest of the suspect around the time the children went missing.

With Nancy passing without resolution to her tragedy, Australians are again reminded of her 53 years of suffering and lack of closure.

It seems the case will continue to linger in the minds of all who remember that fateful day that changed the country forever.

Rest in peace, Nancy. 

Originally published as BREAKING: Nancy Beaumont, mother of the Beaumont children, has passed away