Mum furious as her own mother CREATES new name for her granddaughter - because she says the real one is too 'EXOTIC'!

What would you do?

May 31 2019

A bizarre fight has erupted between a mum and her own mother who REFUSES to call her daughter by her name - and calls her by a name she prefers. 

The anonymous mum, named her daughter Cassia but the grandma has refused completely to call her that because she "can't do exotic foreign names".

Instead she calls her Candy - a name the poor mum despises.

Writing on Mumsnet she said,  "My youngest is called Cassia. It's not hard. My four-year-old calls her Cass or Cassie. Fine. My flipping mother says she can't do 'exotic foreign names' and calls her Candy which I HATE!

"I've spoken to her about it a billion times (probably an exaggeration but not by much) she laughs it off. I'm scared it will stick.


Stock shot/Getty

Stock shot/Getty


"My husband says he will start calling her Jelly if she carries on and she tells him not to be so disrespectful. Any advice apart from the very tempting gaffer tape over the mouth solution?"

The response was swift and um... very damning with fellow mums questioning how the grandmother has been allowed to get away with such outrageous behaviour.

One wrote: "So rude. I'd be limiting time with her. 'If you don't even care enough to get our daughter's name right I don't think we'll be coming over that often...'"

Another posted: "I would tell my mother if she doesn't call my child by their correct name then they won't be given the opportunity to call them their name at all."


Some suggested they should get their four-year-old daughter to call the naughty nana by another name to see if it upsets her in return.

"I was also going to suggest having your four-year-old call her by her first name until she stops - it seems effective, going by stories I've heard," said one person. 

A couple of commenters even went to the extreme of suggesting that she should start questioning her mother's sanity - but what do you think?