'My MIL wants my kids to call HER Mum'


Content Editor / February 20 2019

It’s not unusual for there to be a little tension between a woman and her mother-in-law, however one MIL made a very strange demand – she asked if her grandchildren could call her ‘Mum’!

A young mum took to the internet to express her frustration about growing tensions between her and her MIL.

“At 20 years old married with two kids under 2 life’s busy but I love it,” she wrote on Netmums.

She then goes on to explain she has moved in with her in-laws to save money, and while the arrangement initially worked, things started to quickly go downhill.

“Things were fine I got along with everyone in the household… however going back a few months my mother in law has turned sour. She makes nasty comments and constantly judges my parenting.

“She constantly gives me dirty looks and a few weeks ago she took out my eldest for a bit without even telling me and considering she didn't even have her phone I was going out of my mind,” she explained.

“Recently she asked my husband if the kids could call her "Ami" meaning mum [her MIL is from Pakistan]. I was raging and said no, they got upset and things are even worse now.

“My husband tried speaking to them but obviously it's his mum and they get so overly sensitive and upset it’s just not even worth it. I just wondered what you ladies would do in this situation?”

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Users on Netmums were quick to rally around the young mum and empathise with her situation.

“I wouldn’t give a hoot about who she is or what she is to me,” one user wrote. “I’d tell her to wind her neck in and put her back in her place now before it’s too late. She will always walk all over you otherwise. You need to sit down with her with your husband and tell her what’s what.”

“I have seen really cruel mother in laws. I guess the key is bear with it till it gets too much for you. Up to the time the situation worsens, live with her. Try to make friends with her. I know it must sound impossible, but try to. This will really help you,” suggested another.

“I went through the same situation with my MIL a few years ago,” wrote a third. “My in-laws are Chinese And I am not. My MIL started making my kids call her Ma-Ma (mother in Mandarin).

“I finally convinced my husband to confront her (after I told her to stop) and basically explained that she had her turn as a mother and now it was my turn. Thankfully it did stop eventually.”

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