Why my child doesn't have to share with yours

A mum’s approach to making her son share has ruffled a few feathers.

April 26 2017

On a recent trip the park with her son, Alanya said six boys immediately approached Carson, wanting him to share his toys.

"He was visibly overwhelmed and clutched them to his chest as the boys reached for them. He looked at me. 'You can tell them no, Carson,' I said. 'Just say no. You don't have to say anything else.'"

Alanya said this didn’t sit well with the other mums in the park.

“Here is the thing though,” she explains. “If I, an adult, walked into the park eating a sandwich, am I required to share my sandwich with strangers in the park? No! 

“Would any well-mannered adult, a stranger, reach out to help themselves to my sandwich, and get huffy if I pulled it away? No again. 

“So really, while you're giving me dirty looks, presumably thinking my son and I are rude, whose manners are lacking here? The person reluctant to give his 3 toys away to 6 strangers, or the 6 strangers demanding to be given something that doesn't belong to them, even when the owner is obviously uncomfortable?”

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The reality is, Carson brought his toys to share with a girl they were meeting for a playdate.

“He only didn't want to share with the greedy boys because he was excited to surprise her with them."

The post has since been shared over 221,000 times with many agreeing with the mum. 

“Totally agree. I also teach my preschool son not to expect children (especially strangers) to share with him just because he asks AND he shouldn't ASK, one parent wrote.

Another added: “I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.”