“Kids over five should give up their seat on buses”

Mums shocked by ‘etiquette expert’s’ revelations

October 24 2018

A British etiquette and protocol expert has advised parents that children over the age of five should always give up their seat for adults on public transport.

William Hanson’s took to Twitter to dispense the advice, which he wrote to coincide with school holidays in the UK.

“PARENTS: As it’s half term, it’s time to revise etiquette for public transport and your children,” he wrote.

“At busy times, children over the age of 5 should give up (or at least offer) their seats to adults.

It’s an essential way to teach them respect for their elders.”

His remarks were polarizing, with some agreeing saying they had to do the same as children.

“You're absolutely right about this one. I remember having to stand up to let people sit down on the tube. Now days it seems like the opposite is true,” wrote one poster.

“Was on a crowded train today where the majority of those standing were elderly and those seated were children alongside their parents. Agree that respect is being eroded, it is a common courtesy for a young person to offer their seat to someone older, no matter what their age,” said another.

However some parents were totally against the idea, saying kids had as much of a right to a seat as an adult.

“I respectfully disagree with your assertion that children should relinquish their seats. Your need is no greater than theirs...and also whiffs slightly of male white privilege,” said one.

“Unless was disabled adult or pregnant woman or elderly then no my kids will not be made to give us their seat!!! Adults an stand for longer,” one mum added.

“Sorry, but it’s not a matter of etiquette, it's matter of safety and common sense. In crowded public transport children are more likely to be hurt by crowd. That's why they have to sit,” added another.

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