Mum’s astonishing pact with stranger after he rescues her after she gives birth

What a story!

November 22 2018

A woman who narrowly escaped the raging California Camp Fires has spoken out about the man who saved her and her newborn baby's life.

Rachelle Sanders had just given birth to her son by C-section on November 8 when the California Camp Fires forced her to leave the hospital early, according to website Café Mom.

The new mother was evacuated in a wheelchair into a car with a hospital employee, David, and made the man promise her that if things took a bad turn that he would take the baby and run.

As the pair drove through the flames, traffic became heavier and things did not look good. People began leaving their cars for fear of being trapped.

Knowing that she would not be able to run due to the surgery she’d just had, Rachelle said: “If it comes down to it… If you have to run, take the baby. Leave me behind.”

Luckily, the car made it out without having to leave the car, but it was a close call. On the way out they passed Rachelle’s home, which had been sadly burned to the ground.

“I thought I wasn't going to make it, for sure. I wasn't sure any of us were going to make it. It was very, very terrifying,” she said.

Eventually Rachelle was transferred to another hospital and David was reunited with his family.

“Never have I had a Thanksgiving come where I have had so little and felt more thankful and blessed,” she said.